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A beautiful girl, based on Bundu standards.
Holy crap, Chris got like 5 wovels numbers last night.
by Nyqra'ena October 29, 2007
A fob-like person, who is usually (but not always) of South Asian descent, who tends to display fungus tendencies and spends most of his time chasing wovels he will never actually get.
Wow look at that guy, he's even more of a Bundu than Hammad or Muayyed!
by Nyqra'ena October 29, 2007
A person (usually a Bundu) who spends most of his life in bed or on his computer, wearing no shirt, and stalking MSA girls on Facebook. Funguses tend to grunt randomly and make other fungus noises when they haven't had any "action" in a while. They also ruin the pillows on the couch and mess up the sheets on their friends bed.
That guy is such a Fungus, he woke up at 5pm and went straight to the business school.
by Nyqra'ena October 29, 2007

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