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what you are after great sex
OMG u gave me 19 orgasms, i'm so satisfied
by NymphoQueen June 15, 2008
A pointless system implemented by parents restricting certain websites and any basic control to your own laptop. Also allows the"administrator" (your obsessive parents) to see every file on your computer unless you block permission.

Parental controls do not really understand what they're supposed to show and will block harmless images but allow you to google image search 'Naked' with no problems.
"You keep downloading viruses, I'm gonna put Parental Controls on your computer so you can't do anything mwahahahaha" - Your evil dad
by NymphoQueen July 11, 2008
1. A place where old, fat, balding men go to pretend that they are young, skinny, hot emo girls. If you can't see the "girl's" face, then she probably doesn't exist.

2. Also a place where people who have no real friends go to feel popular. Friend count is usually inversely proportional to real friends
1. A/S/L = 16/F/London

ACTUAL A/S/L = 45/M/Prison

2. Myspace Friends = 1000

ACTUAL Friends = 0
by NymphoQueen July 10, 2008

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