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5 definitions by Nymphetamine2791

Roscoe Umali is a under-appreciated Filipino rapper from L.A. He's been in the hip-hop game for some years and is only starting to get recognized. He's a talented emcee that puts out pride for all Filipinos world wide.
"I was ballin even way before I ever sold a record.
I'm a boss; I just happen to rap good,
Pour yourself a drink, jig, twist up a back wood.
Relax yourself, let your conscience be free,
And I'll rock it to the sounds of Umali and E-40."
-Live It Up by Roscoe Umali
by Nymphetamine2791 January 23, 2010
Often used in association with cereal and weed; rasta flakes is a slang word referring to weed.
Chris: I had two bowls for breakfast, one was cereal.
Jarad: What was the other?
Chris: A nice bowl of rasta flakes.
by Nymphetamine2791 October 18, 2009
"Keep it Kingspade" or "Keepin it Kingspade" is a slogan which means "To keep a Kingspade lifestyle" or to toke bud and reek havoc all the time. It's used similarly to the "DGAF style" and was derived from a 904-SRH.
Jared: So do you still smoke weed?
Chris: I keep it Kingspade everyday.
by Nymphetamine2791 December 31, 2009
When you shit a floater into the toilet's hole under water, it rises to the roof, and you think WTF when you don't see it.
Chris: Dude, I took a hard shit yesterday, and when I looked into the toilet I didn't see anything.
Jared: What?
Chris: ....till I flushed it and saw that stealth bomber float up.
by Nymphetamine2791 February 16, 2010
A BNC (B-n-C) is defined as a Burn and Cruise. It's when someone get's high before driving around or goes out for a toke break and drives in the process of doing so due to the fact it's found enjoyable.
Chris: Wanna go out for a toke session?
Jared: Sure dude, hop in my car and we'll go out for a BNC
by Nymphetamine2791 October 20, 2009