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Slang: Verb: Explode, Fight, Rumble, You Get The Point..
Taken, Of Course, From 4th Of July Fireworks, Which Is A Crud Load Of Fireworks..
"Aw man, I'm soo totally going to go 4th Of July on his sorry ass.."
by Nymo September 21, 2005
A Year That You Can Flip The Numbers On Your Birthday Cake To Make It Seem That You're Younger.
Year # 43 = 34, On Your Birthday Cake Atleast..

"So you're 37 today? Wow! Too bad it's not one of your flip years.."
by Nymo September 21, 2005
1. A Thread/Bead Craft
2. Part Of The Word 'Anonymous'
3. The Name 'Nemo' With The 'e' Replaced By A 'y'
4. A Username That Originated Out Of Complete Randomness One October Night, 2000 And Floats Around Internet Boards/Chats Ever Since. Famous For Capitolizing Every 1st Letter Of Each Word, Using 'Double Dots' (..), And Funny And Thoughtful Outlooks On Whatever.
"Nymo is right, people are ignorant..."
by Nymo February 15, 2005

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