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A prank in which the victim's boxers or briefs are pulled higher than they should go.

There are many wedgie variations, here are a few:

Hanging wedgie: When you or a victim has been wedgied, then is hung on a place where they cannot get down.

Atomic Wedgie: The wedgie generally shown in cartoons. Where your boxers are pulled up and the waistband goes around the head. CAUTION: This is very difficult to pull off.

Melvin: A frontal wedgie. Do not do this to a guy, it could ruin their sex life for enternity.

Mervin: When both sides of the underwear are pulled high. Usually done by two or more people.

Gang Wedgie: When a group of people attack you and give you as many wedgies as possible. It is very common to leave the victim in a jock lock so that he cannot get out.

Bondage Wedgie: When you are tied up and wedgied. You are tied up to try to keep you from picking it.

Scarecrow Wedgie: A hanging wedgie when you have the leg holes of the boxers on a pole. Then you stick a shirt on the poor victim so he cannot get up and leave.

Ripper Wedgie: Perhaps one of the most painful. It is called ripper because the boxers rip. It can also be called a Cosmic Wedgie

Lucky for me that I have never been wedgied.
My brother gives me Atomic wedgies all the time. Once he hung me on a hook in his closet and left me there for two hours. When he came back he started taking pictures.
by Nyaruma January 26, 2007

1: A wedgie should be given if it asked for. Such as when a person's waistband shows.

2: If a person is wearing tighty whities, give it to him just for wearing them. They are unacceptable.

3: Melvins should be given to all tighty whitie wearers, then they should have to be pantsed, and atomic wedgied.

4: If the waistband comes off during a wedgie, the wedgied shall wear it on their head all day long.
Hey, Mac, your wearing Tighty Whities! That means, wait I have to check the wedgie rules, you get a melvin!
by Nyaruma April 01, 2007
A well planed prank that involves a person being bonded. This is best done when the victim is asleep.

When the potential victim is asleep, you tie him up with a strong rope, or cord. You then give the victim a wedgie and hang him up somewhere for all to see. When the victim wakes up, he will be traumatized for life.
My older brother is infamous for giving me Bondage Wedgies. When I was asleep in my room he used duct tape and gave me an atomic wedgie. He hung me on the coat hanger in his room. When I woke up, he had all of his friends there and taking pictures. Then he and his friends kicked me in the balls over a hundred times.

Whenever I fell asleep at a sleep over, my so called friends gave me a melvin and duct taped me to a wall and tied me up so I couldn't move, I was there for three and a half hours.
by Nyaruma December 20, 2006
When a mob of people, or gang rather, all attack one person and give them as many wedgies as possible. It is also quite common to leave the person who was wedgied in a Jock Lock so they have to get out by themselves.
When a gang wedgie is performed you can hear the shriek of the person who is getting the wedgie for 1,000 miles.
by Nyaruma December 16, 2006

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