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(Rule Shark, Ruleshark)

Yu-Gi-Oh slang for a player (often of high ranking) who is constantly and obsessively bitching over rulings. When ever a rule shark comes across anyone who breaks the rules is even the slightest way, even mistakenly , they will do everything in their power to get the person penalized. Rule sharks are most often found on the now popular Dueling Network website where they prey on unsuspecting victims in rated matches in order to gain rank. Most rule sharks go un-penalized due to the fact that they are technically not breaking the rules, however if one is proven guilty of rule sharking it is treated the same as boosting ; a form of cheating. Rule sharks are the reason most players avoid competitive matches
Example of a Ruleshark:
Player 1 mistakenly uses a card and takes his move back.

Rule shark: Hey you cheater you cant do that

Player 1: Sory, I messed give me a sec

Rule Shark : Why? so you can cheat more

*Rule Shark calls admin*

Player 1: Dude, what the hell.

Admin: Ok, whats up?

Rule shark: He's Cheating and he cursed

Player 1: But I....

*player 1 has been baned*
by Nyan Dragon January 24, 2013
Developed by 343Industries, Halo 4 is to Halo what Modern Warfare 2 was to Call of Duty; A completely broken game shat should have been the best in the series. The campaign is great but filled with shitty QuickTime events that ruin the fun and are even worse than in Battlefield 3; potentially good cut scenes are thrown away for a cheap imitation of a low budget CoD games. The game even throws away the opportunity for an epic final boss by having the main villan killed in a shitty anti-climactic QuickTime event. But other than that and the overpowered sniper enemies, campaign is amazing. Multiplayer has been revamped and would be the best in all halo games IF IT WASNT FUCKING BROKEN! The create-a-class system is great but they madethe DMR)so overpowered that you cant even spawn in matchmaking. And they made it so that if you even touch a barely moving vehicle you fucking die and go flying across the map. to make this problem worse theirs a fuking ghost on every map. Speaking of the maps, they are competitive but bland as hell; like the theme of one map is: White, literaly. And custom games barley even exist, you cant even make a proper deathmatch game. And to top it off; everything online lags, especaily the new spartan ops mode which is really a fake Spec Ops mode from CoD. Other than that great game
Oakley HiDef: Yo, man! you wanna play a custom game on Halo 4

Me: HAHHAHAHAHAHA Custom games in halo 4, good one.
by Nyan Dragon January 10, 2013

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