2 definitions by Nuyon

A sweet, endearing person with a penchant for keeping secrets. Yet while he may be hiding something, he is easy to trust and has many friends.
"That boy just said hello to me, even though he didn't know me!"
"Oh yeah, that's Terian."
by Nuyon May 24, 2013
A totally funky girl. Usually has black or dark hair, and a humongous sense of humor. She looks laid-back, but has a hot temper if you get her mad. A Deoxis is a girl who you can be instantly drawn to and not want to let go.
Person 1: "Did you hear that latest joke?"
Person 2: "Yeah, the one that Deoxis told?"
Person 1: "Duh, or else it wouldn't be funny!"
by Nuyon May 24, 2013

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