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Largest city in the Republic of Kazakhstan, known as Alma-Ata in Soviet times. Rapidly modernizing with the booming Kazakh economy and generally being awesome.

Very cold in winter, can be hot in summer. Great place for winter sports.
I'm going ice skating at Medeo, but first I have to find a hotel room in Almaty.

My girlfriend's from Almaty. She's sooooooo hot for someone who comes from such a cold place! I love making out with her.
by NuttyJ December 22, 2007
The hottest Russian etymologist in Los Angeles and YouTube!!!
Marina (Hot For Words) taught me a LOOOOT of new words with her sexiness!
by NuttyJ January 02, 2008
A term for a manual transmission in an automobile, with the rowing machine being the gearshift and the stairmaster being the clutch pedal.
"This is gonna be the last BMW M5 with the rowing machine and stairmaster!"

Most cars sold in Europe use the rowing machine and stairmaster.
by NuttyJ January 11, 2006

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