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7 definitions by NuttyByNature

The act of making over a conservative female into a trashy, good-time gal.
"Girl, if you want to pick up some hot boys at the club tonight, you need to let me whorefy you a bit!"
by NuttyByNature June 02, 2009
A very moody, down person.
Sherry's new boyfriend is a definite mope fiend. He wears black all the time and never cracks a smile.
by NuttyByNature June 21, 2009
An artificial cactus with 2 or more upturned "arms" on which to hang your keys.
"Dang! I left the spares on the my keyctus at home!"
by NuttyByNature June 02, 2009
The remnants of a frothy beverage left upon your upper lip.
Gary went over to hit on that woman, but he had a sudstache from his beer! He was totally shot down!
by NuttyByNature June 20, 2009
The act of reviving a person using oral sex.
I was so tired from work, but after my girlfriend gave me some resuckitation, I felt loads better.
by NuttyByNature June 03, 2009
The style of women's top that shows a great deal of cleavage. Often makes the wearer look like a prostitute.
Good Lord! Grandma be too old to wear that ho-cut top!
by NuttyByNature June 03, 2009
The act of having sex with 2 or more brothers at once.
"Unbelievable! Lindsay's going to a brodeo over at Chris' place. I had no idea he and his brother were into that!"
by NuttyByNature April 24, 2010