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The bodily genital discharge from a person infested with STD's.
While Ricky was fornicating that psyco ass bitch he got genital jungle splash all over my brand new sleeping bag, Goddamn it Ricky!
by Nutlicka November 12, 2004
During a fierce match of ball tag, one may envoke a genital truce prohibiting any future contact of the genitalia for an agreed period of time.
Henry: Goddamnit Charlie that really fucking hurt.

Charlie: Oh really Henry, well how about another tag to the ol' balls and shaft.

Henry: No, no, Genital Truce, Genital Truce.

NOTE: Charlie has to stop making contact to Henrys genitals because Henry has called a Gential Truce.
by Nutlicka November 12, 2004
A male who is so goddamn flaming, that the word fag has been combined with homo in order to make hagmoe.
Nolan has been acting like a gigantic hagmoe this week.
by Nutlicka November 11, 2004
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