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A Plum Junkie is a man who has a deep infatuation with his own testicles. He useually has no consideration to his accomplices and seems quite unaware of his bumbling ball banging daily passtime. Beware a Plum Junkie is a serial offender and wont stop at nothing to scratch that itch.
Hello everyone my names pete and Im a Plum Junkie
by Nutbags August 17, 2010
The Afghan back is a just another way of rubbing one out, having a wank, belting one out on the blue veined banjo masturbating for short. This style originates from the middle east which incorperates a method of sneakyness slash egotistical masturbation.
The process of the Afghan Backhand starts with bending your wrist back cutting off the blood to your hand for at least 10 mins this will render your hand anesthetized. Now prop your right leg up unto a table and with your right hand reach back around the outside of your thigh and grab your penis. Because of the lose of sensation in your digits and the limited vision from your thigh you may find it hard to locate your cock. Dont give up you only have a limited time to nutt one out before the feeling comes back to your hand and the deceite seeps in. Enjoy!
by nutbags August 17, 2010

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