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A guy who has high sexual urges.
23:19 <Gottaname> I need to make whipped cream
23:19 * Gottaname grabs Risa
23:19 * Gottaname coats Risa in cream
23:19 * Gottaname whips Risa
23:19 * Gottaname scrapes off the whipped cream off Risa
23:20 * Gottaname dumps it all over a cake
23:20 <Gottaname> :)
23:20 <Gottaname> wanna try?

Need i say more?
by nutcase March 08, 2005
Some Kind of meditteranean mush of Eggplant and Humus with some Tamik spices.

Also and more importantly the last name of some random guy "Gnoosh" who always shows up in Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.
Watch MXC for examples or goto some mediterranean restraunt.
by NutCase February 12, 2004
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