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2 definitions by Nut Zach

When you bring home a chick for some ass, who is just way too ugly to let your roommates see what you are about to get into. You just fuck her in the Backyard instead of inside the house.
Ave: "Dude I got this chick the other night."
Zach: "Oh Yeah, I didnt see her come in?"
Ave: "Fuck NO!! I gave that chick 'The Backyarder'!!"
Zach: "Damn, she was that nasty huh?!?!"
Ave: "Yeah bro, yeah!"
Zach: "Niceeeee"
by Nut Zach March 23, 2008
1. After taking someones anal virginity, the aftermath, A Bloody Fart.

2. The act of Farting Blood
Dan: "I did her so hard in her ass last night!"
Zach: "Oh Yeah, first time huh?"
Dan: "Yea, right before i pulled out she let out this huge Bleef, that blood got all over me!"
Zach: "Thats awesome!!"
by Nut Zach March 21, 2008