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1) something that is unbelievable
2) seriously?
3)sounds like a good time or something fun to do
so & so is having a party wanna go? mutherfuckingyeah (sarcastic)

dude I got tickets for that show wanna go it's tonight? Mutherfuckingyeah! lets go
for real seriously are you in game on kick it
by Nurse Lisa / MissFortune*13 January 30, 2012
emotion or lack there of, sarcastic remark, used to describe any person place event or thing that one is not too thrilled with
how was your day? it was shitterriffic
the girls are coming over to have a sob fest. that's just shitterriffic!reshitulous shit-er-riffic craptacular shiteriffic ass mode
by Nurse Lisa / MissFortune*13 January 30, 2012

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