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you and your partner putting your tongue in each others mouth and moving it around with your lips locked
adam and i french kissed when we were making out and he said i do it well :-p
by nunya business December 01, 2003
1. The line of pubic hair which extends from the belly button to the pubic region.

2. The hair that always gets caught in my belt buckle when I stand up, often causing terrible pain.
Ouch! My happy trail got caught in my belt buckle.
by Nunya Business June 17, 2004
1.Any unattractive, often overweight female who is usually drunk and trying to score.(see also: swamp donkey)

2.(pl:frump dumplings)The type of women I do not have sex with.
Geez, that Jennie is a real frump dumpling.
by Nunya Business June 17, 2004
A vietnamese word used to describe someone smelly.
You smell like chim hoi!
by Nunya Business April 10, 2004
A type of soap
When I took a bath, I used some Lever.
by Nunya Business February 24, 2004
Acronym meaning "Dirty Nasty Ass"
Girl 1: That dude over there is a DNA because he enjoys giving and receiving oral.

Girl 2:Damn, I need his number.

Girl 3: You'se a ho!
by Nunya Business March 04, 2004
Most BEAUTIFUL, Talented, smart, SOOOO SEXY, big bootied individual ever!!!
Did you see that big booty on Maci Glass?
by Nunya Business December 05, 2003

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