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1. A learning environment, where most of everything you learn is forgotten after you are done with it. Grades mean nothing because they only reflect what you have memorized for a test
2. Hellhole for most people
3. Preparation for college
4. A place to socialize and make friends
5. Where stereotypes are formed
6. All of the above
Parents: Hey, WTF is this, you little bitch? A "C"? No food for you for the week.
Child: But the teacher sucks and the other students don't make it better!!!
Parents: STFU, child. Get in your room you little dipshit!

Emo guy: Sigh, I have to go to school tomorrow...
Emo girl: Do you wanna cut your wrists with me tomorrow instead?

Teacher: Weren't you supposed to learn this last year...?
Student: Oh yeah I guess so.
Teacher: You guess so? Then WTH are you asking me?!
Student: Because the educational system is flawed and our knowledge of things only lasts for a few months before we forget it. Taking standardized tests every week makes us cram large amounts of information into our brain, therefore we really learn nothing because that information leaves us after we finish the goddamn test.
Teacher: DON'T TALK BACK TO ME! You're failing now, bitch! Ahahhahaha

Jock: Dude, like I'm so hot...
Cheerleader: Yeah! Me too.
Jock: Let's make out in front of everyone so they know how hot we are.
Cheerleader: Yeah!

Nerd: HEY, I got a 110 on that test you said that was supposedly hard.
Guy: Oh, that's cool...
Nerd: What did you get?
Guy: A 75...
Nerd: LOL
Guy: STFU *stuffs Nerd in locker*

Goth 1: I like AFI,Nine Inch Nails, and I love Marilyn Manson, and my favorite color is black.
Emo: Hey... Me too.....
Goth: Whatever you fucker poser. I'm the fucking Goth, I'll summon demons to tear you to shreds, and make you cry.
Emo: Please do.... This life sucks...

Prep: Yay! I just got a 95 in my AP World History class, and I'm the new student government president.
Prep 2: Ooh, is that a new Abercrombie & FitchAmerican Eagle/Hollister/Aeropostale t-shirt? I don't think my mother's wallet has seen it yet.
Prep: Yup, my lawyer-dad bought it for me. Oh I forgot to give you that hug that all preps usually do instead of saying hello *hugs*
Prep 2: *hug!*
Prep: Hey, wanna join that African-American Association club?
Prep 2: But we're not African-American!
Prep: Yeah, but it's a club.
Prep 2: Oh, OK!
Principal: How come I smell alcohol around here...?
Prep: Oh, you want some?
Principal: Yeah sure!
by Nunavut February 10, 2007

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