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7 definitions by Nuggets McGee

When your printer cartridge lasts an unexpectedly long time after the computer has notified you that it needs to be changed.
My report was 17 pages, even though the ink was low, I was able to get the whole thing...Happy printer hanukah!

Man, that thing has lasted like two weeks! This is the longet printer hanukah I've ever seen.

The store was closed, and the paper was due the next morning. If it wasn't from an unexpected printer hanukah I'd have failed the class.
by Nuggets McGee August 22, 2006
16 3
a former Mormon. Someone who no longer practices the Mormon faith or its restrictive code of conduct.
Be careful what you say at work around Dave, he's a Mormon.

Don't worry, it's cool. He's a Foremon...We were out drinkin' together just last night!
by Nuggets Mcgee October 09, 2007
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someone who lives like they are rich while simultaneously mooching off of someone else.
"Did you see Dave's new car? Yeah, but how did he afford it without a job? He still lives with his folks, so he's dependently wealthy."


"Brian threw a fantastic party last night at his brother's beach house, with money he borrowed from his girlfriend...Man, he sure is dependently wealthy!"
by Nuggets McGee February 05, 2009
5 1
In a relationship, the status of the man while the woman is having her period.
"Let's call Dave and see if he wants to come out to the bar! No way man, Lisa is on the rag this weekend. He's a hormone Hostage."

"It didn't matter how I answered her question, either way I was in trouble...That's just how it is when you're a hormone hostage."
by Nuggets McGee May 19, 2007
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your cousin's husband
Dude, my cuzband Bill is so cool..He used to buy me beer when I was underage.

by Nuggets Mcgee October 09, 2007
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To be wronged in such a way that it can't be undone. Usually through trickery or petty abuse of authority.
After I moved into the house heard the loud neighbors, I knew I'd been dickfisted.

When the boss called me into his office about the missing report, I knew my supervisor had dickfisted me.

I decided not to fight the ticket knowing that if I went to court, I'd just get dickfisted anyway...
by Nuggets McGee August 09, 2006
3 3
What happens when a cataclysm natural disaster hits a hellhole.

As used by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show 10/03/2006
Did you hear about that earthquake in the Sudan? What a catastrafuck!

by Nuggets McGee October 11, 2006
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