1 definition by Nugga191

A person who talks alot of shit to others. A person who is scared to fight. A person who is a loser and have no friends...total loner. A person who loses every fight and get his ass beat. A person who has stitches on his face and bruises. A person who got beat and wouldnt go to school for 3 weeks and makes up lies.
Person 1: Dam Z what happen to you?
Z: I won a fight
Person 2: Hell no u didnt... u got ur ass beat
Z: man leave me alone ~crys~
Person 1: that nugga got his ass beat and went to the hospital to get stitches...
Person 3: He didnt go back to school...for like a month man... wut a pussy.
by Nugga191 April 08, 2009

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