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Best place to be ever! It's where I come from, it's where I wanna come back and it's where I've had the best times of my life. There are beautiful mountains (Colorado sucks pretty bad in somparison), cool people (me n my buddies - just kidding), yummy ice-cream and the best local music scene ever (Lviv rocks like anything else!). Come to Ukraine and you'll love it there n plz don't confuse Ukraine with Russia, we're totally different
Ukraine - ja tebe liubliu!
by Nue she May 16, 2006
Russian people who live in Ukraine and who hate Ukrainians and all the Ukrainian culture, who disrespect the entire nation, are very rude, drink tons of vodka and talk in russian (by the way, cussing a lot) showing everyone around that the official language in the country is not a big deal for them. Usually prefer communist tendencies, nasty russian rap or pop music and gang affairs.
Eastern Ukraine, especially Donetsk, is full of moskali.
by Nue she May 25, 2006
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