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When a guy's got a limp penis while naked in public. The power to NOT get a boner is essential whether at a clothing optional beach, taking a gang shower, going skinny dipping with your friends, wearing a speedo, at a nudie party, just hangin it or you are a professional nudie.
Justin: "Wow, good times last night."
Jason: "Didn't think it was going to turn into a nudie party."
Chad: "Yeah, nothin like sportin a softy and just hangin it."
by Nudie Dude August 25, 2006
A public shower room at a gym, dorm or beach with multiple shower heads so a bunch of dudes can do the nude and shower up at the same time ... and gang bang the smallest guy there. One must be sportin a softy at all times in a gang shower.
Justin: "Hey, Jason. You been workin out?"
Jason: "Yeah, getting tired of being banged in the gang shower every morning."
by Nudie Dude August 25, 2006
An unplanned occurance, usually at a sausage party, when the guys get so drunk they do the nude.
Justin: "I never thought I'd do the nude like that."
Chad: "We got so drunk last night that it went from a sausage party to a nudie party at like around 4am or whenever you go out and hug the paper delivery dude.
by Nudie Dude August 25, 2006
Take off your clothes and get naked. The essential act required for a nudie party, skinny dipping, hangin it, jumping in the gang shower and being a nudie.
Jason: "Every time I go to my girlfriend's house, we just do the nude and fuck."
by Nudie Dude August 25, 2006
Totally naked. A form of buck naked. It is the usual state of dress for a nudie. It is to do the nude or sometimes to nude up.
Chad: "Hey dude, do the nude. Half the party is already buck nekkid."
by Nudie Dude August 25, 2006
The essential state of mind required to achieve a nudie party, this is when someone gets so drunk he just has to do the nude. Nudies by definition are alway nudicrous.
Jason: "Damn, we were drunk last night. I can't remember anything after the keg stands."
Justin: "Yeah,first Chad had to do the nude, next thing everybody was fuckin nudicrous!"
by Nudie Dude August 25, 2006

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