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Contrary to the previous definition, this is and has been widely used throughout the United States military to describe the 0000-0400 watch and is. It unique to any maritime academies. It is a widely used term.
I had the balls to 4 watch last night, I'm really tired.
by Nuclearninja October 07, 2013
Shortened version of the word "Banshee." Used by some Halo and Halo 2 players to refer to the Banshee vehicle.
I thought I told you guys not to use a 'shee this round!
by NuclearNinja May 25, 2007
In racing games, when a player looses controll of his or her vehicle (whether by lapse of concentration, colision, weapon, or other means), causing the players vehicle to bounce uncontrolibly off the walls of the track for several seconds, resulting in severe damage or death. Usually occurs on turns or straightaways while traveling at high speeds.
I was doing really good, but I took this turn to sharp, and ended up pinballing off the walls. You can guess what happened...
by NuclearNinja May 25, 2007

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