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A popular sex move where an intimate couple is having doggie style sex... The male bear huges the female and springs onto his back while keeping his dick in her vagina... Once on their backs the couple peddles their legs as if riding a bike. Usually used as the final position of the night.

"Im almost about to spurt babe, you wanna move to the tandom bicycle now?"
by Nuchibuchi August 15, 2006
The act of two or more people spending time together, aka "hanging out"
"Hey wanna chill butts tonight?" "Yea that sounds good, what you wanna do?"
by Nuchibuchi August 26, 2006
When two males are disputing over who gets to fuck the drunk passed out girl at the party, they both take a leg and pull in opposite directions until one breaks. Whoevers leg breaks first is the one that gets to fuck her.
"Yo look at Patty she passed out! Dude, I'll wishbone you for it. You're on!"
by Nuchibuchi August 15, 2006
Treating yourself to a session of masturbation with a condom on, this way you barely have to clean up.
Once a week john treats himself to a filet mignon
by Nuchibuchi September 04, 2006
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