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2 definitions by NuRaveGirl

An amazing 3 piece from Liverpool.
Band members:Matthew Murphy(vocals,guitar,keyboards)
Dan Haggis(Drummer)
Tord Overland-Knudsen(bass, additional vocals)
Tord is originally from Norway :]
Murph-the dog
Tord-the fox
Dan-The rat
and cherub the wombat x]
Genre: Indie, pop punk, alternative

Songs by The Wombats include: Backfire at the disco, Lets dance to Joy division, Kill the director, Moving to New- York, Sunday TV.
You can dance to their music :D

I went to see The Wombats in liverpool last night, they rocked lolz :D
by NuRaveGirl September 15, 2007
Cyber Fuck Friend.
a person you have online sex with
see that guy over there. he's my cff
by NuRaveGirl September 15, 2007