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A Knife Fight brought on by suprise, usually amongst people who all possess knives and who are bored.
Ian: ...
Chris: ...
Jim : ...
Ian : ...Suprise knife fight! *whips out knife*
Chris: Suprise knife fight!? *whips out knife*
Jim : Suprise knife fight!? *whips out knife*
by Noz Dormuu December 12, 2008
An upstate New York term for a traitor or a sellout.
Ralph: Dude did Jimmy quit the team to join our rivals?
Dave: Yea man, what a total Mott-Parce.
by Noz Dormuu December 12, 2008
An obnoxious high school girl in a wheelchair who moves through the hallways slowly just to piss everyone off.
"Dude, I got stuck behind a Wheelchair Girl in the hall yesterday and missed the first two minutes of class!"
by Noz Dormuu December 12, 2008
A Long Island-coined phrase used to distract someone after you've said too much.
Emily: "So what are you guys up to?"
Matt: "Oh we're having a circle jerk."
Emily: "..What??"
Matt: "Disregard that I suck cocks."
Emily: "...You suck what??"
by Noz Dormuu February 05, 2009

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