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The speed at which a person can comprehend. A measure of mental agility.
During the morning project meeting, everyone listened as Susan described her logistics problem. Joe was immediately able to offer a plausible solution. Mike, on the other hand, just sat there staring at his coffee cup, unable to offer any ideas.
Not everyone has the same bandwidth.
#intelligence #agility #genius #bandwith #comprehension
by Novellprize November 02, 2006
A unit of measure. a ficticious Insect that flys around the assholes of a gnat. Commonly referred to in size comparisons.
I had to move it just a Spizwink to the right, to get the part to fit together.
#spiz wink #spizwink #tiny #small #microscopic
by Novellprize November 02, 2006
See "Beef Curtains", not dirty pork chop, A vagina that has lips that hang down they are considered curtains.
I was watching a porno the other day. Man! This chick had some beef curtains ,not dirty pork chop,.
#beef curtains #labia #clit #pussy #worn
by Novellprize October 29, 2006
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