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The speed at which a person can comprehend. A measure of mental agility.
During the morning project meeting, everyone listened as Susan described her logistics problem. Joe was immediately able to offer a plausible solution. Mike, on the other hand, just sat there staring at his coffee cup, unable to offer any ideas.
Not everyone has the same bandwidth.
by Novellprize November 02, 2006
A unit of measure. a ficticious Insect that flys around the assholes of a gnat. Commonly referred to in size comparisons.
I had to move it just a Spizwink to the right, to get the part to fit together.
by Novellprize November 02, 2006
See "Beef Curtains", not dirty pork chop, A vagina that has lips that hang down they are considered curtains.
I was watching a porno the other day. Man! This chick had some beef curtains ,not dirty pork chop,.
by Novellprize October 29, 2006

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