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2 definitions by Novelist Anonymous

(n.) an honest, caring, and intelligent person; to be an Allyza is to be someone who cares greatly for her friends, never lies to or hurts the people in her life; their flaws are basically invisible to the people around her because she is so caring and sweet.
1. "She was so honest to tell me the truth like that. She's such an Allyza sometimes, you know?"
by Novelist Anonymous June 07, 2010
(n.) someone who is obsessed with the Twilight saga; a combination between "Twilight" and "Obsess", insinuating that the person is obsessed with Twilight; (adj.) a word to express how attached a person is to their beloved Twilight saga.
(n.)"Look at all those twi-obs - I can't believe they're sleeping outside the movie theater for the Eclipse showing tomorrow night!"
(adj.)"You're going to bring a life-sized cardboard Edward Cullen in the theater with you? You're so twi-obs."
by Novelist Anonymous June 07, 2010