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A place in eastern Nova Scotia where it is unknown because of the fact it is so distant and multiply modes of transportation can be needed. It is also a discriminatory place. If you are not white and christian, it is recommended you stay in your car/boat. The tolerance for African-Canadians is a bit higher than the tolerance for everything else but its still recommended you stay in your vehicle. The Village is also semi-impervious to authority, because of the fact it is so far away.

The village also supports a unique environment where, most of the time (93.56%), its cold enough for snow to fall rapidly and heavily, yet it will not stay on the ground. this kind of odd weather is perfect for so-called mythological animals. Ex. pixies, unicorns, Jesus, gargoyles, flying pigs (the main local source of food) loch ness monster, ect.

The Village is also a big fishing community. Anyone who can fish, does. but that makes only half of the Village fishers because of the fact that all villagers are old besides myself.
Girl: So here do you live?
Guy: The Village
Girl: Are you serious? I've always wanted to go there but never had enough money for gas and boat rentals. do you think I could down and you could show me around?
Guy(thinking): it'll defiantly be an over night trip.
Guy: Anytime.

Later That Day, It Was Said There Was Rocking Love Making.


Officer 1: We got a call to the village for multiple murders.
Officer 2: Write up a fake report. I'm not headin' down there.
Officer 1: I hear ya.
by Nova_404 January 09, 2011

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