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Majority of these definitions of 'Northern Virginia' were artfully created by uneducated and bitter Southern Virginians. Northern Virginia (Often referred to as 'Nova') is a suburban location that is diverse in many aspects.

Fairfax County is one of the richest counties in the entire country according to the annual income made by families. Majority of those who acquire such a salary made it through college. This is a major turn-off to southerners. God forbid they speak proper English, and learn something other then how to properly lynch a "foreigner." Oh. and southern hospitality my ass, majority of them are rude, and racist. (Not to be stereotypical, but it's true).

The children of NOVA, according to these southerners, are "rich little brats." I'm sorry we have people (parents, guardians) who provide for us, and you're stuck shoveling cow shit for the rest of your life. Northern Virginians live comfortable lives; food in the stomach, house above your head, and a sexy ass car parked in the mansions garage.

Everyone has one life to live, we're just making ours worthwhile (unless you're into reincarnation; that's a completely different story).The material world can be a big part of our lives, but we still have morals, and we still have respect for others. Northern Virginians are accepting and welcoming people.

This is the land of opportunities, and while southerners are giving cows hand jobs, we're living the good life.
Southern Virginian in NOVA: TOO MANY COLORS! Time to get my rifle from back when my gramps was in the confederacy ya'll!

Northern Virginian: You're from Southern Virginia aren't you? It's okay, we understand you don't understand anything, but we'll accept you into our kind community.
by NovaHova February 12, 2010

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