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One of the three Goddesses in the popular Nintendo series The Legend of Zelda. She is the goddess of Wisdom, and watches over the Sheikahs and the Zoras. She also has a connection to Princess Zelda; Zelda is the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom. Nayru, along with Din and Farore created Hyrule. She has control over Nayru's Love, a protective Magic Spell.
I will call upon Nayru to protect me!!
by Nova314 June 05, 2005
A phrase meaning "So there you go.", "That's why this situation is the way it is.", "That's why this is there.", "That's why I did that.",etc.

Originally started at a High school in Arizona.
(Joe pulls out a sandwich)
Unknown Person "Joe, you're eating lunch?"
Ramesh: "Yeah, Hence the sandwich!"
Person One: (Looks at person two's cast on arm) You broke your arm?
Person Two: Yeah, hence the sandwich.
(Person One throws their wedding ring at person two)
Person Two: We're getting a divorce??
Person One: Yeah, hence the sandwich.
by Nova314 June 07, 2005

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