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5 definitions by Nova Usagi

Soy Soy Soy! Soy gives you strength! Strength crushes enemies! Soy!
Soylent green is people.
by Nova Usagi November 27, 2003
Nova Usagi, or 'Nova Rabbit', is the mascot of the latest ad campaign by Japanese eikaiwa company Nova. It's a strange hot-pink bunny with a yellow beak for a mouth, can be found singing his own weird song in the adverts he appears in - 'ippai kikete, ippai shabereru' - translated - 'you can hear a lot, you can speak a lot'.

Massively popular in Japan, and seen as incredibly cute, since his appearance the merchandising has made a few hundred million yen for Nova. Nova Usagi Chan also has his own cd, which features many remixes of his strange little song...
'ippai kikete, ippai shabereru' ... 'aren't I the coolest bunny?'
by Nova Usagi October 12, 2003
He was a boy, she was a girl. Can I make it any more obvious?
cu l8r boi
by Nova Usagi October 12, 2003
Emitted by stuttering Canadians.
Hows about some p-p-poutine, ehh-ehh?
by Nova Usagi November 15, 2003
He jus walks up 2 em and say "baby let's sex"


May I sex you?
by Nova Usagi November 28, 2003