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Something the New Orleans Saints didn't do offensively.
"We didn't do diddly poo offensively."
- Jim Mora
by Nougatz October 08, 2008
Cankles, but where the specific cause of their development is due to weight gain from playing World of Warcraft upwards of 14 hours per day.
Look at that 300 pound guy wearing the Yoda shirt. He has some serious WoW cankles.
by Nougatz July 17, 2011
The False Ballerhood is a society of somewhat well-off young adults who spend money in a way that would cause the casual observer to assume that they are ballin' hard. In reality, they still live with their parents and don't understand real world finance.
Person 1: Did you hear Greg is having his party at some super ritzy club? He's getting bottle service and everything.
Person 2: Does he even have a job yet? I guess it's just another set of parents financing The False Ballerhood...
by Nougatz June 25, 2011
- Adj.
Describes a penis which has a very short shaft, and appears to be dominated by the glans, or "helmet."
Jimmy and I hooked up last night, but it was pretty disappointing. He was all helmet.
by Nougatz March 22, 2011

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