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A city in central jersey usually compared to Rahway Prison, now called East Jersey State Prison. This comparison is false because the prison isn't even in the city it'self. It was only named that bc the tow that is located in, Avenel, is such a small piece of trash town that if u heard Avenel Prison you would think; "where the fuck is that?'. Rahway used to be called Spanktown. The name Rahway comes from the Native American Chief, Chief Rahwack. Rahway Station connects The Northeast Corridor and The North Jersey Coast Line. If you do take the train do expect a few people to ask you for money because they 'just got out of prison and don't have any'. Almost every really loud or pregnant person on the train is probably getting off at Rahway. As far as politics goes Rahway is extremely corrupt. The major doesn't even live in the town most of the year. He helps all his friends get elected and let them run the town while he lives in Colorado in his huge estate.
hobo: "hey maaaan, im going to be real with you, can you spare $5 so i can get to Trenton? I just got out of prison and i dont have any money. You gotta help a brother out."

Kid just trying to go to NB and get to class: "ummmmmm I dont know, I only have big bill."

hobo: "give me those big bills!"

kid: * runs*

dude 1: "how you gettin to LongBranch?

dude 2: "im taking the train, but i need to transfer at Rahway first."
by NotThendofReason July 04, 2011

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