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I've been reading these definitions and Im just so sad that people are that ignorant and rely on stereotypes to judge people. I'm a black person. I have straight A's, dont eat KFC 24/7 and only drank kool-aid when my teacher brought it into class. I dont think people realize how many black people helped our society and how many whites have destroyed it. Yeah you know Sarah Palin and George Bush, the 2 dumbest people in the world are white. I really wish that people would stop being so darn ignorant and open a book about the good things about blacks. Not everyone that is black relies on welfare checks and are in gangs. My mother works hard for me and my siblings to get a good education and to be sucessful in our lives and to tell those racist, stereotypical people that we are not what you think we are. We are more than loud, annoying, greasy-haired, KFC eating, kool-aid drinking, dirty 'animals'. We are human beings and shouldn't be treated like we are dirt.
White guy: OMG I HATE black people they are so lazy and stupid!
Sophisticated Black guy: Excuse me sir, do you know someone of African-American descent?
White guy: No, why would I want to?
Sophisticated Black guy:So how could you judge someone so wrongly just because of their race?
White guy: idc about what you say, It's not like it matters, gosh you stupid black guy.

10 years later....... White guy is poor and stuff and Black guy is rich and succesful

Black guy: I believe I met you 10 years ago, you said that all blacks were lazy and stupid. Look at how wrong you were!
by NotAGhettoBlackGirl March 30, 2011

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