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The game Call of Duty try hard fans hate to admit is actually better than Call of Duty. This is because the game has an destructible environment which means if you blow a grenade up in a house, it would be altered.

You can even make your camping spots, and YES, camping is mandatory in this game. It is actually the closest you will come to a real-like war FPS game. The it actually has gravity, and if you want to camp and get a head shot from long range, you would have to aim above someone's head.

Call of Duty Fan: Dude! I just got a 31:0 K/D Ratio in MW2!
Old Call of Duty Fan: Dude, I will not worship you unless you do that shit in Battlefield Bad Company 2.
by NotACallOfDutyTryHardFan April 07, 2011

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