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1337 speak is a language that developed over the net (Made popular mostly by Counter-Strike) that's objective is not to replace every letter with a symbol, but to make fun of mispelt words.

Bad: 0/\/\9 1 |_1|<3 |>\/\//\/ _|00
Translation: OMG I Leik Pwn Joo

Good: 0MG I leik pwn j00.
Translation: OMG I Leik Pwn Joo

English: Omg I just owned you.

Common words used in 1337 speak:
Like = leik
Own = pwn
Pwned = pwnt
You = j00
Hacks = Haxz0rz
Lol = lawl
The = T3h
Suck = sux
1337 Speak sounds leik: ZOMG I leik, totally pwnt that newb. j00 r t3h sux.
by Not4U2C January 01, 2006

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