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The sacred wisdom passed on from sex worker to sex worker on how to success in the business and stay solid. Includes safer sex tips, sexual pleasure techniques, safety tips, how to deal with the police, where to get reasonably priced sexy underwear, what are the best waxing salons, how to post an ad, where to is the best stroll, who to avoid, where to find free safer sex gear, which social services are the least oppressive. It also includes how to deal with stigma, fight back against whoreaphobia and stay strong, solid and supreme in the face of a world that stigmatizes, isolates, criminalizes and does not respect sex workers. The wisdom of whores is the oldest knowledge known to the human race, and contains the most impressive survival skills, fierce resistance strategies and loving kindness.
Being new to the escort industry, I was so lucky that she passed on her whore wisdom to me.
by Not Your Business May 26, 2015
The most pathetic form of sex. Orgy is for those, who just can't keep their cock in their pants. These people are weak minded fools. Orgy, as other forms of degadence, have roots in corrupted society.

Perverted, lust filled weaklings engage orgies, and other pitiful debaucheries, because they're fools, ridiculous idiots. They're hardly humans anymore. They're antihumans.
Fool 1: "Oh boy, i can't wait 'til i can go into that orgy which john is having tonight! I'm gonna fuck 'til i passout"!

Fool 2: "Yeah man, that will rule! I just fucking love orgies! I'm gonna get soooo much pussy"!

Intelligent, developed human: "Or perhaps you love orgies because you're pitiful losers, and you can't get pussy other way"?

Fool 1&2: "..."
by Not your business July 28, 2007

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