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5 definitions by Not you

1).This word comes from old english terms. It means one who engages in risky activity, casual sex, and promiscuity, then gives you a VD for lovin them.
2).Your ex girlfriend
Dang Stephanie Barone is such a trollup. Can't believe that tramp burnt me.
by Not you February 15, 2005
236 72
this also means Pain In My Ass
Johnny, you are such a pima today!
by not you November 20, 2004
35 13
Whacko stalker who scours the internet looking for unsuspecting victims to believe his sob stories and comfort him in his "time of need."

Largely suspected not to exist at all, but to just be one of many of Ooh-lala's split personalities.
This week, Gus and Pepper are Right Wing Zen, who could it be next week?!?
by Not you March 16, 2005
10 6
from adam sandler..
"Put up your dukes..."
"I got no fucking dukes"
by not you September 18, 2003
30 34
AKA your girls "other" boyfriend that sleeps under your bed in a shoe box.

Another term for BOB.

Guy: Why is there a box of old Nikes under the...Oh what the hell is this!


Guy: Babe! An earthquake is shaking the house right off of the foundation! We need to take cover!!!

Girl: Sorry it's my Duracel Dude. I'll turn him down to Jack Hammer...
by Not you September 20, 2008
23 47