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Tremedously Stupid Americans.

A government organization mde to annoy the hell out of little grandmothers traveling with their childred and grandchildren, while not actually doing anything worth while.

Also known for their search methods, which include sticking a slip of paper on top of your checked luggage.
"The TSA searched my bag again. But nothing seems to have been moved, despite my messy packing. They must be GREAT at this!"
by Not a terrorist, I swear! April 16, 2006
A synonym for a bomb or other explosive device. Used in areas where the use of the word "bomb" is frowned upon or illegal, such as airports.

Comes from the movie Big Trouble, where a nuclear bomb is mistaken for a garbage disposal.
"It looks like a garbage disposal."

"Why do I need to take off my shoes? It's not like I have a garbage disposal in them!"
by Not a terrorist, I swear! April 16, 2006

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