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A sad male who dresses and acts like an arse-bandit but is afraid to admit he is homo.
High pitched voices, hideous designer clothes (preferably pink!), limp wrists and the worst fuckin hairstyles ever invented eg.Hoxten quiff, Peroxide hedgehog mullet or Little-kid-in-shower-fake-mohican. (Total wankers!)
It may be they are bi-sexual? Women love them because they can talk about make-up, handbags and girly shit like that. It's fag-hag heaven; hang around with camp men then take them home for some sex.(Boring sex though, as the Metro-sexual is too busy ensuring his hair is just right and looking at himself in the mirror.) Come to think of it queers love them too, coz they dress just like them and are half way to fudge-nudging deviancy.
Spot them preening themselves in any city in Britain right now. Hopefully this mutant strain will die out just like the new romantics in the 80's.
Fuck metro-sexualism be Straight & Proud!!!
Check out those metro-sexual fuckwits. Don't they realise pink is for little girls?
by Not a fashion victim December 24, 2004

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