2 definitions by Not Micah (oh look I'm ripping off of Zane)

Legend has it, that a man by the name of Roger Tellenfield was walking by one of his friends one day. His friend looked over and said "I am having a good day". Roger was having a horrible day so he pulled out a gun stuck it to his own head and said "Well good day to you sir" and shot himself. Since then this phrase has been used by many as a good way to end a fight or a good way to say good bye. .
Me: Well dude, your just retarded.
Zane: No I'm..
A movie with two incredibally hot chicks in it that battle it out. NOW Me and my friend here, NOT ZANE, have arguments about this. I say it could possibly be good, EVEN THOUGH its destine to be a hot movie, I thnik it could still be a good movie aswell. BUT NOT ZANE is very Biased towards the not. Oh well.
Micah: dude, any one who doesnt want to see Halle Berri run around in leather and very scantily clad, fighting a very hot Sharon Stone, IS GAY.

Zane: The plot looks gay.

Micah: BUT DUDE.....ah screw it.

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