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When you take a female corpse and fill her full of ejaculatory fluid along with the already dead internal fluids, with milk and ice cream. Then a person will put their mouth on the genital areas while another individual will stomp on the stomach area and the first person will swallow the released fluids.
Stomp, splooged, gulp. You just got sungshaked.
by Noshimonoriku December 06, 2008
1. One large cyst.
2. A fat white kid who thinks he can write techno and play bass with no rhythm who doesn't bathe and finds it amusing to do the Truffle Shuffle even though it makes people sick. (like it never did in that dumb movie)
3. Apricot Pudding
4. A large pacific islander who pays rent on a trailer in the lower southwest who eats cats and and small children who tend to wander into her yard and gets very disgruntled when she finds out that they are not toothless rednecks who drink drano and looking for a good time.
James says: Hey have you seen Scruffles lately?
Ed says: No James I haven't.
James: I haven't seen Scruffles since he was scruffling that small Cuban boy in her trailer.
Ed: I know, that day we were wasted on acid was an adventure wasn't it.
James: My ass hasn't felt the same.
by Noshimonoriku December 06, 2008
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