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Pseudonym for the bassist of heavy metal/nu-metal band Mudvayne, Ryan Martinie. He is known for his fast complex basslines and for his heavy slap and finger-style techniques. He uses Warwick Thumb five string basses almost exclusively and uses DR high beam roundwound strings, which are a major contributing factor the the sound of his bass. Another important part of his sound is that he is tuned to B-F#-B-E (he rarely uses the natural low B string).
Bassist1 - "Hey, have you heard of Ryknow?"
Bassist2 - "No, what's that?"
Bassist1 - "I KILL YOU!"
by Nosdormu January 02, 2009
Possibly one of the most underrated alternative rock bands of all time. An English band formed in 1984, they recorded and released four studio albums displaying a sound like those of grunge and indie rock. Unfortunately, they never made much mainstream success and were on hiatus for many years before reuniting in 2008 to tour again.
"It looks like you've been losing sleep", said a stranger on a train...

Swervedriver deserves more. Fuck the Jonas Brothers.
by Nosdormu August 02, 2009

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