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The failure to keep relevant something which is pretty much redundant.

Trying to polish a turd.
Bill: "I've spent a fortune on bearings, exhaust, tires, alternator and steering rack, and it still won't start".

Anne: "Well, it's a bit iOS7 mate. Just Scrap it, and buy that cortina off Dave".
by Noscreadur September 23, 2013
Like a Lampfuck, but one you cannot feel at all glib about.
Bill: "That was a quite a failure of judgement last night Alice, I guess that was what they call a Lampfuck?"
Alice: "Look. I'm not going to talk about it".
Bill: "So it was an actual Lampeter Fuck?".
Alice: "I'm not going to talk about it".
by Noscreadur September 23, 2013

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