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Norwalk CT is a great city with a lot to offer. It’s certainly not another cookie cutter Stepford wife town, although it was partial filmed in Norwalk. Norwalk seems to have a new young hippy / Hollywood vibe going on, if you can imagine that. In the past few months I have seen Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Deniro, Hillary Swank, Robin Williams, John Travolta and more filming movies Norwalk.

Norwalk is moving in a green earth friendly city. I have noticed a lot of young couples moving into the area that bring canvas bags to the grocery stores, for example. It has adorable boutiques in the SoNo area, the best restaurants around and a few art galleries and design store have sprung up.

The Wall Street areas is starting to be redeveloped in spring of 08 and in those plans are some high end residential condos, retail shop, restaurants and open garden space. This area already has some great shops, restaurants and art galleries but a face lift is underway.

I would say Norwalk is a great place to live and a great investment if you are looking for a place that is convienatly located to Shops, restaurants, and NYC.

Norwalk CT seems to have a new young hippy / Hollywood vibe going on.
by Norwalk November 21, 2007
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