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Name given to five year olds trying to get to the toilet in a hurry, but failing. The result is pooh pants. Particularly happens in forest and camping settings where kids tend to hold it.
Boy runs to outhouse in campgroud. Half way there, he stops and turns around, head low. He father notices, and remarks, Ah Jeese, Pooh Pants Peter?
by Norton Bigelk September 01, 2006
Burbite (Bur~Bite) 1. A diminutive term used by the urban young adults (18-29) of

San Francisco to describe the individuals of the outlying suburban communities. 2. A

person of origin outside the city of San Francisco, residing outside of the city of San

Francisco, who attempts to assume hippness by visiting the quainter neighborhoods of San

Francisco, or to a lesser extent Berkeley, on an infrequent basis. 3. A person residing in the suburbs

of a major hip city, who has not fully committed him or herself to the assuming the general

kinkyness of the times and herd mentality of a dense urban region. Note, burbites usually

feel its a necessity to own a high fuel consumption vehicle that does not easily fit into a compact urban parking space. People using this term in common vernacular tend to try and out do their contemporaries by acquiring new subdivisions of body art and piercings rather than new tract homes in suburban

subdivisions. Burbites define art and hippness by obtaining large cookie cutter possessions that make them as bland as everyone else in their neighborhood. Non-burbites (urban hipsters) define art and hipness by decorating their bodies like everyone else in their neighborhood.
Talk about a lot of burbites tonight.

Burbites can never figure out MUNI.
by Norton Bigelk July 01, 2011
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