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A gay asian male who exclusively dates caucasian males that are usually, but not necessarily older. While professing to be open-minded about race, the fact that they only date white males to the exclusion of asian, black, hispanic, and middle eastern males demonstrates they are close-minded. Usually this is the result of self-hatred. By admitting they only find caucasian males attractive, they are tacitly admitting they do not find asian males attractive and thus, do not find themselves attractive. Considering oneself unattractive is an indication of low self-esteem and self-hatred, which is pervasive among potato queens. For this reason, Potato Queens are usually found in America where the white media dominates. Potato Queens and their followers tend to dislike Sticky Rice because it reminds them of their own self-hatred.
John is such a potato queen, he only chases white guys no matter how ugly they are.
by Norton Anti-Virus November 28, 2007
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