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2 definitions by Northstar

A word to define a useless piece of junk, but every one has it and needs it for no given reason.
1:"Hey, I just bought this new back scratcher!"

2:"That thing is such a hupardoodle."

1:"Yeah, I guess you're right."
by northstar March 30, 2012
An adjective used to describe someone who is kind, caring and funny. A Dibbs is an all round nice guy and who any normal person likes. A Dibbs has lots of friends. Anyone who doesnt like a Dibbs is a fassie, faggot and probably has sex with their family. Using the word Dibbs to describe someone is offering the highest praise and should not be used lightly.
That guy is such a Dibbs, i.e he's proper safe.
by Northstar October 09, 2006