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A person so emo that the overwhelming force of their aura of sorrow inspires depression in all of those around ultimately leading to mass suicide forcing the Über Emo to move somewhere else and continue the cycle until vanquished. However only select individuals are capable of withstanding their presence. Only true metal heads and those devoid of emotion and/or thought can hope to end the cycle of death associated with the Über Emo.
After 5 years of invoking death the Über Emo known as Skyler was finally brought to an end as William Murderface from dethklok drove his bass guitar into his head
by Northside wookie February 24, 2010
The act of shitting, wherein the resultant pile radiates such a fowl odor that by the time it hits the bowl, paint begins to peel from the walls and all who enter the restroom after without proper radiation protection develop a host of illness and on occasion, mutation and/or death.
Heads up everybody i'm going Chernobyl up in this bitch!
by Northside Wookie March 11, 2011
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