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A complete, utter, wholly, altogether, entirely, unreservedly useless moron.

A combination of a "Dumb fuck", a "Nitwit" a "Retard" and an "Idiot".
Person A: "I think Obama is a great president!"

Person B: "Wow, what a moonbat"

Everyone with a brain: "No, that's a fuckwitardiot"
by NorthBridge May 17, 2010
Barrack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barry Obama Jr.
Goofus: Did you see our President's speech last night? I cried I was so moved. He's so articulate. I have black friends, you know.

Gallant: No, I watched the falsely elected President Fucktardiprompter read from strategically placed screens out of view with pre-written speeches scrolling on them.

All he does is plagiarize Martin Luther King speeches or Deval Patrick speeches anyway.
by Northbridge August 15, 2010

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