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Often Spoke of in the North west (mainly Stockport) as an urban legend there is infact a rare breed of these creatures known collectivley as Philhardy's. pronounced "FILL-ARE-DEE"

Similar to a ‘uncle knobhead’ but more of a sex pest borderline rapist.

Over the hill, top man styled wanna be player who slings bad one liners down the park after hours in attempt to pic up teenage girls.

Can be found hanging around off licences offering to buy under age kids alcohol and fags in attempt tag along down the youth club or park bench.

A "PhilHardy" will normally have a 9-5 day time job e.g in an office but nine out of 10 "Philhardy's" will moonlight as male prostitutes hanging round the back streets of Stockport offering their "Crafty Butcher" services in return for slices of smoked ham and cans of fizzy pop.
John - ‘Hey Lee what’s with the "Philhardy" following us down the skate park?’
Lee- ‘ dunno, he’s just bough Jason some tabs, Chinzano and a big tub of vaseline'
by NorthWestMythBuster July 26, 2012

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